Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bollywood Dreamer

This is a full-body sculpt in ProSculpt polymer clay, no molds used, of a young lady who is dancing and dreaming of being discovered by a Bollywood producer.

She stands 12 1/2" from her wooden base to top of her head and 6 1/4" from elbow to elbow. She is approximately 4" from front to back.

Her body is painted in acrylics, with a finishing layer of gold and green interference shimmer. Her skirt is lightweight gold lame, trimmed around the bottom with a filigreed gold ribbon. Her halter top is finished with a layering of gold and bronze micro beads. Her snake bracelets are covered in micro beads with Swarovski crystals as accents, and she has a Swarovski crystal piercing in her naval. Her hair is multi-colored yarn fibers with gold accents.

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